Top tips for international travel

Advice from a frequent business traveller

My two cents worth on the best things you can do to look after yourself, especially on a long haul flight. 

  • Hydrate – take electrolytes and a water bottle on board with you. It’s not always easy to get extra water when you need it.
  • Sleep – is usually the ultimate objective for the flight! Take Melatonin to send you off to sleep as well as on awakening to adjust to the new time zone. You will also need a decent eye mask and noise cancelling headphones.
  • Eat – only when you’re hungry. Too often we eat plane meals on auto pilot (pardon the pun) because they are just put in front of us. But let’s be honest, plane food just ain’t that good, even if you’re up the front. I’d rather save myself for a decent meal on arrival.
  • Chew – gum on takeoff and landing. Helps to clear your ears, and means you have better breath for the sake of your fellow passengers. (Note to ditch the gum if you’re heading to Singapore!)
  • Protect – your tummy. Take pre and probiotics to build up your good gut bacteria. You should also carry some form of Norit aka activated carbon aka charcoal – the little black pills which will save your day if you start feeling “off”. It absorbs the harmful bacteria in the gut that cause diarrhoea, and also helps as a stopper. Can be used for hangovers too but remember you have to drink a lot of water when you take these.
  • Stretch – regularly. Ankle circles, flex and point toes, rub calves and jiggle/step legs on the spot. Do it in the dark if you have to, but I like to get my legs straight up in the air, above the heart, to get the blood flowing.
  • Compress – especially for long haul, everyone should be wearing compression tights. But why not get into the habit for all flights. It’s an easy and comfortable preventative for deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Ath-leisure all the way.

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